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A Lifetime of Learning

Published on June 21, 2019

He is a World War II and Korean War Veteran who has contributed to war plans in various parts of the world. He has trained Japanese National Security Forces and managed Special Space Programs. As an Army Paratrooper, he has made 65 jumps including a test jump from the prototype of the first true cargo aircraft, the C-119 “Flying Boxcar”. 

Col. Ray Bachlor

Col. Ray Bachlor

Zarrow Pointe resident Col. Ray Bachlor’s resume is a small glimpse into a life rich in adventure and achievements. Soft-spoken and articulate, Col. Bachlor has spent 34 years in military service and a lifetime in the pursuit of knowledge. 

A valued Zarrow Pointe resident and Board member, Col. Ray Bachlor remains deeply invested in the Zarrow Pointe community, and is extremely passionate about the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. In 2018, his efforts to reduce carbon emissions culminated in the installation of Oklahoma’s largest solar powered parking structure at Zarrow Pointe that generates 100 killowatt-hours of energy every day.

At 92 years of age, Col. Bachlor remembers every vivid detail of his life, and regularly attends the town hall meetings at Zarrow Pointe to contribute his ideas. “We have a very progressive management that is open to our suggestions. They are keen to hear from the residents and that is one of the many reasons that make Zarrow Pointe such a special place.”

Col. Bachlor and his wife came to Zarrow Pointe when he was 80 years old. “We were searching for a place where we could live independently for as long as possible, but also have the option of assisted living if needed.”

At Zarrow Pointe, they found a retirement community that far exceeded their expectations and did not require a large deposit. “Some places required a deposit of several hundred thousand dollars, but we preferred to keep our savings under our own management rather than turn them over to a retirement center. The Zarrow Pointe Villas were top notch and the amortized yearly amount was quite small.”

Col. Bachlor and his wife have now lived in their 1,700 sq. ft. Villa with their dog Millie for over a decade. “My wife has the onset of dementia, but I can still care for her in our home.  Ultimately, we know that we may have to move to independent living or assisted living in the apartments or even spend recovery time in one of the health care wings—but it is a comfort just knowing that it is available. Whatever happens, we will still be among friends and be cared for by the same friendly attendants.”

He is also highly appreciative of the many comforts that make life at Zarrow Pointe a truly cherished experience. “The maintenance here is simply superb. We have meals in the common dining room or delivered to our home each day. Maids clean our house once a week, gardeners mow the lawns and take care of the flower beds. In over 10 years, our washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator have all been replaced quickly and at no extra cost to us.”

Col. Bachlor actively participates in the physical fitness and wellness programs that fulfill his need for lifelong learning and social engagement. “The discussion groups, book clubs and fireside chats keep the community well entertained. There are facilities and trained personnel to assist in activities to exercise the mind and body. The gymnasium and indoor/outdoor swimming pools are state-of-the-art. Trained nurses and maintenance personnel are on call 24/7. We are highly pleased with Zarrow Pointe and recommend it to anyone seeking a retirement community they can call home.” ZP

A Lifetime of Learning
By Aaliya Briggs

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