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Love, Life and Wellness at Zarrow Pointe

Published on June 21, 2019

Wellness Director, Randy Cogburn first came to Zarrow Pointe in 1996 as a physical therapist employed at a rehabilitation company. A dedicated fitness expert, Randy remained passionately involved in the lives of the seniors he served at Zarrow Pointe, as he steered them towards recovery and growth.

Randy Cogburn, Wellness Director

In 1999, Randy formally joined Zarrow Pointe to initiate a wellness program aimed at helping residents thrive by keeping them physically fit, socially engaged and mentally active. Since then, Randy has been working tirelessly to enrich and enhance residents’ quality of life through lifelong learning and wellness platforms.

Under his leadership, the Zarrow Pointe Wellness Program has evolved considerably in size, scale and substance and now includes educational workshops, discussion groups, intergenerational care, cultural programs, as well as art, fitness and social activities. 

According to Randy, the program now has a resident and community focus, with new potential for growth. “Our OLLI and Tai Chi classes remain open to our residents and the Tulsa community. We are forging new partnerships all the time and will continue to bring learning opportunities to our residents at Zarrow Pointe and the people of Tulsa.”

In addition to his background in physical therapy and personal training, Randy is also qualified in geriatrics since 1994. As a leader, he takes pride in the skills and compassion of his rehabilitation team and works hard to invest in their training. Randy also places a high value on empathy, which is a key trait that he seeks in the people he works with. “We can teach people skills, but we can’t teach people to have heart and care about other people. It’s an inherent quality that people either have or they don’t.”

Randy firmly believes that a well-supported and compassionate team can make all the difference, even on days that are really challenging. “We are fortunate that our residents and team at Zarrow Pointe are a very close-knit community, where we understand the value of reaching out and supporting each other. My greatest reward is having the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s day, and a platform through which we can impact lives and drive positive change.” ZP

Love, Life and Wellness at Zarrow Pointe
By Aaliya Briggs

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